Repairing the Stainless Steel Water Kettle

This is a typical water kettle. A stainless steel kettle we have been using for years. It was performing well except for a major flaw. The heat resistant plastic handle was weakened by repeated heating. Weakening had continued until it completely detached and became unusable.

How can we use the kettle it there was no handle? Yes, I can put water on it and bring it to running boil. However, I have to cool it first before I can transfer it to thermos. Holding with two pot holders while pouring the hot content seems dangerous.

To make it useful again, I grabbed a piece of stainless steel sheath from my junk box and two pieces of stainless steel screws. All materials should be stainless since it is in frequent contact with moisture. Getting it rusty is not an option. I did some machining, drilling jobs and fixed the new handle with screws.

Horrayyyy! Our kettle is now back to work.

stainless water kettle with diy fixed handle

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