Lizards and Spider’s Cobweb Help Reduce The Population of Dengue Carrying Mosquitoes

Do you find lizard and spider’s cobweb annoying? Are you cleaning spider’s web regularly? Are you slapping every lizard you see? Think again! Those two things are helping you avoid the deadly dengue carrying mosquito bite.

Spiders and lizards are feeding on small insects. Lizards can eat insects as big as cockroaches. Every spider webs can trap thousand of mosquitoes if left untouched. Every living lizard can eat more than a spider can do.

lizard and spider cobwebThen you are increasing your chances of getting dengue fever every time you removed spider’s web and kill lizard.

Do you still find lizard and spider cobweb (agiw) annoying? Not for me! Everything in excess is bad – too much cleanliness is also bad!

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