Implementing Plastic and Styro Ban in Cavite Province

Loudspeakers are installed around the public market. For the purpose of announcing rare and important announcements. Some of those are, temporary change of market day or adding of special market days, searching for the guardian of lost child and vice versa, call to pay taxes and reminder to renew / apply business licenses.

Saturday, a regular market day. All the loudspeakers were in action. Shouting a very important announcement again and again. It was probably a recorded audio similar to tiange stores, “bili na, mura lang, bente lang, lahat ng mapili bente” (please buy, very cheap, 20 pesos, every chosen item costs 20 pesos).

The recorded announcement was:

The town of Indang will be implementing plastic ban in accordance to Cavite Provincial Ordinance Number blah blah blah or The Ban and Regulations Regarding the Use of Plastics (plastics and styrofoam disposables). It will start on 5th day of November, year 2012.

The use of sando bags, styro cups and styro lunchboxes is prohibited. Everyone is encourage to bring reusable bags, bayong, cloth bag or durable paper bags when shopping.

Fruits, vegetables and canned goods should be directly placed in reusable bag.

Prepackage foods such as bread, chips and biscuits shoud not be placed in sando bag.

Place wet goods such as meat and fish in single cellophane. Doubling the cellophane is prohibited.

Use of plastic cups is allowed. It should not be destroyed however. It should be sold to junk shop for recycling.

All caught violators will be punished as stated.

I was not gifted with photographic memory. Perhaps I missed some details.

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